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Adult Books

As our mentor, Alan Wolfelt says, “If you are old enough to love, you are old enough to mourn,” and in that regard, Olivia’s House has a resource for any adult, teen, or child of any age who has experienced a loss, including, but not limited to, death. Each book in our library includes age-appropriate language that will make it easier for an adult to answer a child’s questions about loss directly, in a safe and supportive environment. Our shelves are organized by different losses a child may experience, including sudden, unexpected, and traumatic deaths, as well as long-term illness and pre-death support. Olivia’s House also recognizes the importance and impact of “life cycle losses,” or losses that don’t involve a death, and our lending library has a wide variety of resources covering these topics, including divorce, deportation, military deployment, incarceration, substance abuse and mental illness in the home. And don’t think we’ve forgotten our teens and young adults! We have an entire section dedicated to this population and their unique needs after a loss. Whether you are in our back yard or across the globe, we are honored to provide recommendations from our lending library. Highlighted below is just a smattering of our favorites. Please contact us directly for more personalized recommendations!