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Executive Director’s Message

Dear Community Members,

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the Olivia’s House website! We are so proud that it not only encompasses our passion for supporting grieving families in our community but demonstrates our dedication to continual improvement. With degrees in communication, film and theatre, my leadership direction will always embrace media and technology to support grieving families.

As a child, my mother ardently worked to ensure that our family had a spiritual relationship with my brother, Kristopher Eric. His candle joined us at the dinner table on special holidays. The quilt with his baby clothing told the stories of his connection to my father’s alma mater, Slippery Rock. I can still hear my mother’s voice answering questions about our family, proudly stating, “I have two children on Earth and one little boy in Heaven.” She was ahead of her time in embracing the awkward to ensure our family had the tools to heal. 

Like my mother before me, as the Executive Director, I have had the rare privilege to walk alongside and Companion countless families as they journey through the natural process of bereavement. Olivia’s House is a mission unlike any other! Having experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, we now lay witness to the global pandemic of grief. Educating our community, and the world at large, how to mourn our losses, develop spiritual connections, recognize our feelings and cope positively is more important than ever.  

Because of Mom’s vision, dedication and faith, Olivia’s House is recognized nationally as an innovative grief center providing hope and healing to countless bereaved families. As she transitions into her retirement years, her tutelage and mentorship has made us more than capable of serving our community at her ever high standards.

If you have not been to Olivia’s House, I encourage you to call to arrange a tour of the many beautiful rooms and gardens. If you are unable to come to York or Hanover, take a website visit and see for yourself how magical our houses really are! As we work to support the many grieving children in our community, let me say thank you to all who make it possible… the volunteers, the community, the families we serve and our staff! You are the best!


K.C. Delp
Executive Director