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Board of Directors

Each board member at Olivia’s House contributes directly to our mission’s ongoing success and adds to our commitment to provide no-cost quality programs to the grieving families of our community. Olivia’s House relies on our board members to bring us the best information concerning finance, legal, and business-related matters.

Helping to find sponsors for our events, determining the best interest rates, spreading awareness about our mission, and guiding the mission as we grow are perfect examples of how their talents are put to work to benefit Olivia’s House.

List of Board of Directors

  • Michael Sharp – President
  • Whitney Bellomo – Vice President
  • Kathleen Cronin – Treasurer
  • Connie Wolfe – Secretary
  • Debbie Ashway
  • Devon Ellis
  • Joseph Hammann
  • Steve Horning
  • Jeffrey Naugle
  • Allison Smith