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Founder’s Message

Dear Community Members,

As the Founder of Olivia’s House, my heart sings every time I walk through the front doors of our two grief centers. I am often asked how our mission came to be, and it is with pride that I share not only our history, but also the future of Olivia’s House, as led by my son, who always finds creative ways to support our bereaved community. I am one blessed lady to know that so many people have recognized and affirmed the need for this incredible mission I brought forth so many years ago, and it is my honor to pass the torch of leadership. 

The time has come for me to lead in a different way. I no longer need to be in the office day-to-day. I no longer have the arduous calendar that I once did, solely meeting the needs of bereaved children in our community. I am now able to proudly wear the hat of Founder, giving wisdom when asked and shining light on the importance of mental health and bereavement when my skills are summoned. I am blessed at my age to retire gracefully and yet still feel very much an active member of our incredible mission!

Thank you to our staff, particularly my son, and to our board of directors who have made it possible for me to finally support my own needs within the confines of retirement. A long overdue thanks is warranted to my husband, who opened his heart to my idea of building a children’s grief center…and more importantly his wallet! He is the wind beneath my wings!!!

With that being said, it is with pride that I watch from the sidelines as we now face the endemic of grief in a post pandemic world. We weathered the storm and have come out stronger. The future is ours to embrace!


Leslie Delp, M.A.