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Professional Adjunct Services

Every child deserves support after the death of a loved one, but not every child requires the same support! With this philosophy in mind, we have created an incredible network of professionals who work directly with Olivia's House. Should the child struggle with mental health issues, these professionals are trained to work through the specific issues and the grief simultaneously.

Olivia's House sought to partner with the most skilled clinicians in our community in order to meet grieving families' needs. All clinicians are trained at a post-graduate level and are experts in their respective fields. Olivia's House also trains them in the companion model of grief and loss education, making our partnership unique. We refer to play therapists, art therapists, equine therapists, music therapists and adolescent specialists to work directly with the children. This "safety net" allows the child who may not be ready for the educational peer support programs offered at the center to begin working through the trauma immediately. When the therapists feel these children would benefit from our educational programs, a referral is made back to Olivia's House.

We make all referrals to our adjunctive therapists after an initial intake with the Clinical Director. When a family does not have insurance to cover the costs of the specialist, Olivia's House partners with the family to make it affordable.