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Educational Support

Olivia's House has been on the front lines of almost every national crisis in the last ten years. We were contacted by our friends to support families in New York City after the Towers fell. We were called immediately after the school shooting in Red Lion, and we were asked to speak to the public on the radio the morning after the school shooting at Nickel Mines, Lancaster County. Our Bereavement Specialist will provide whatever your district or business will need should there be a sudden death.

We have been supporting school counselors for years in their work with children when death happens in the school. We bring handmade blankets, teddy bears and pertinent books to educate and comfort all ages.

Teen loss is often difficult and schools are faced with not knowing how to help. We have worked directly with many of our districts to provide support to their staff.

Businesses are also eligible for our support. When there was a sudden death of a beloved CEO, Olivia's House was invited to support the staff of a major business in our community. We offer one-on-one support for staff members as well as large group support, in whatever way the business leaders feel their company would benefit.

Olivia's House offers all support at no cost.