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James Karnes loved libraries! His family donated the funds to create the lending library at Olivia's House in his memory. His children were very young when he died suddenly. It was vital to their healing to read books that explained what life was going to be like without their husband and Daddy. At Olivia's House, our collection boasts more resources concerning grief and loss in one space than anywhere on the east coast! Even the Barnes and Noble bookstores can't compete with Olivia's House!

Each month, we peruse the web, hear from new authors, and look to the professionals who have found great books and resources that they would recommend for our library. We purchase them and provide them to anyone in the community willing to visit our center to check them out for a two-week lending period. We take pride in knowing many of the authors, and sometimes even have the privilege of writing the forewords to their books!!!

Below are some of our favorites…


by Dr. Joyce Brothers America's radio psychologist writes intimately about her own journey through widowhood and advises others on coping with the loneliness, the anger, and the fears after a loss. This is one of our favorite resources concerning the new life a woman leads after the death of her husband. Dr. Brothers shares her unique personal journey in an interesting and practical way!

When Someone You Love Has Cancer- A guide to help kids cope

by Aleric Lewis, OSB This resource contains colorful illustrations to explain the scary illness of cancer to children. The message is powerful and answers the most important questions children have when someone they love has cancer. It is one of the best resources on the market for children and families to support the uncomfortable dialogue necessary at this very difficult time.

I Miss You! A military kid's book about deployment

by Beth Andrews, MSW

There are many children whose loved ones are deployed, but there are very few books that explain the multitude of feelings of having someone you know serving in harm's way. This is an excellent resource for a parent, caregiver or school counselor.

Everything You Need To Know When A Parent Dies

by Fred Bratman

This book is part of "The Need To Know Library Series." It is a fantastic, easy-to-read, no-nonsense book explaining life after the death of a parent. The pages are full of practical wisdom, specific information and useful tips to help children and teens after the death of their parent. The book is a favorite of our Bereavement Specialist because of the simple message.

I Remember Miss Perry

by Pat Brisson

When Miss Perry is killed in a car accident on her way to school, the children in her classroom are faced with the fact that their beloved teacher would never again be there to ask them their fondest wishes, something she did every day. Learn how they supported one another and came to remember their beloved teacher in a very special way!