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At Olivia's House, we love good resources! We are intent on creating many of our own in the future through Olivia's IN-House Productions, but until then we composed this list of resources we think everyone should have.


Logan's First Funeral
   by Leslie Delp and the Olivia's House Team 

When Logan learns that his friend Georgie died, he has questions about the funeral.  Does he need to be “invited” or should he attend at all? This book, written by our Founder and Bereavement Specialist, Leslie Delp and illustrated by former Olivia's House Board President, Vicki Friedman, explains concepts such as earth burial, cremation, and bereavement, so that young children can better understand what’s going on after a death instead of overhearing conversations from adults!

You can purchase this book on Amazon.


El Primer Funeral de Logan
   by Leslie Delp and the Olivia's House Team 
Cuando Logan se da cuenta que su amigo Georgie ha muerto, le surgen preguntas sobre el funeral. ¿Debería ser invitado? o al contrario ¿simplemente debería asistir? Este libro explica los conceptos como el entierro, la incineración y el duelo, para que los niños puedan entender lo que verdaderamente ocurre después de una muerte y no solamente escuchar los comentarios que hacen las personas mayores que están a su alrededor. Este recurso le muestra a los padres como explicar la muerte a los niños en una forma segura y amorosa.
You can purchase this book on Amazon.


 Olivia's House Celebration of Life Cookbook - Recipes, Reunions, and Remembering
   by Olivia's House 

One of the most original resources we offer to the public is our Olivia's House Celebration of Life Cookbook. Created in 2009 with the help of our families, this resource provides great recipes and wonderful memories! 

To receive your copy of this 75-page cookbook, send a $20.00 donation to Olivia's House with "cookbook" in the memo line.


 Healing The Bereaved Child
   by Alan Wolfelt 

This resource is considered the "Grief Bible" by our staff! We use this resource in our trainings at Olivia's House and love the simple way Alan explains the importance of companioning children. 
ISBN # 1-879651-10-6 

You can purchase this book by calling The Center for Loss and Transition in Fort Collins, CO at 970-226-6050.


 A Tiny Boat At Sea
   by Izetta Smith 

This resource is used at least once a week by our Bereavement Specialist as she supports families working to explain an impending death or a serious illness to a child. The book is pamphlet size and explains the important developmental needs of children during a crisis. The author included wonderful dialogue concerning the illness and the death to empower not only the parent but also the child!
ISBN # 0-9724241-3
You can purchase this book on Amazon.


 Mick Harte Was Here
   by Barbara Park 

This resource is required reading in our Companion Training. Barbara Park, the author, got into the skin of the main character, 10-year-old Phoebe, after the death of her older brother Mick. If you want to understand the pain of a family who experiences the death of a child/sibling, this up close and personal story will be the best teacher for you, all the while grabbing your heart! 
ISBN # 0-679-88203-0 

You can purchase this book on Amazon.


 I Miss You
   by Pat Thomas 

This resource is a favorite in the library at Olivia's House- so much so that we have over 10 copies on the shelves and many weeks, they are all signed out! This is our "go to" resource in explaining the important facts and beliefs surrounding death to children from ages 3 to 12. We are certain that this book should be in the hands of any parent or teacher explaining a death to a child and recommend it as a resource at least once a week. Pictures and questions at the bottom of each page provide for wonderful dialogue with adult and child.

ISBN# 0-7500-3073-9
You can purchase this book on Amazon.

 Someone I Love Died by Suicide
   by Doreen Cammarata

If your child of any age has lost a loved one to suicide, Olivia’s House is honored to offer this resource as a support. Written by mental health professional Doreen Cammarata, Olivia’s House utilizes this book consistently to help families explain and answer questions related to a suicide death. Though it is a staple in the youth section of our libraries, this book is beneficial to any child or adult healing from a suicide loss. The simple yet direct language will help to stimulate discussion, as well as provide guidance on positive coping mechanisms. 

This resource can be purchased on Amazon here. 

Rebuilding: Guided Imagery for Grief 
   by Karen Stabley 
Not every family is lucky enough to have a grief center in their backyard and this handy tool is a perfect companion for a family that may not be able to  walk through our doors for direct services. This resource was created by our  dear friend and registered art therapist, Karen Stabley. Working in partnership with Olivia's House as an adjunctive therapist, Karen understands the special needs children have when working through the death of a loved one. A guided imagery CD designed for healing and growth will be instrumental in  assisting children and adults to feel comfort and begin to process their loss. 
You can purchase this CD directly from Karen Stabley at

  When Families Grieve
   by Sesame Street Workshop
You can access this wonderfully comprehensive resource, complete with video "About Uncle Jack" here.