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Our York Center

Olivia's House
Our York grief center is actually two houses, sitting side by side. One house functions as the center for families, and the other serves as the administrative offices for the staff of Olivia's House. The gardens in the front bright with color and energy, were designed to bring "hope" to the families as they approach our mission for the first time!
The Welcoming Room
Designed to be "welcoming" to children, it is the first room a grieving family enters when they arrive at Olivia's House. Once a dentist's office, the children learn how we transformed this building into such a warm home!

The James Karns Memorial Lending Library
Our library boasts the largest collection of resources pertaining to grief and loss in the state of Pennsylvania. From CDs and DVDs to books and magazines to classroom teaching units, the public is welcome to sign out materials for two weeks at a time.
The Family Room
Our family room and its Tree of Life mural are designed to remind all children that they are a part of a very large family. By having them sign their names on the mural in week seven of our program, they are connected to the house with a "safe place to fall should life be difficult again!"
The Healing Garden of Hope
Our garden is designed to allow the children a space for their "grief energy" as well as rituals to remember their loved ones. The memorial bricks that line the pavement, the fishpond, and the children's rock garden all bring a sense of peace intended for each family.
The Sand and Water Room
Miniatures come to life in our Sand and Water Room! Designed to facilitate the grief work of young children whose vocabulary is limited, this beautiful room holds great energy! Decorated in memory of Lindsay Gardner, by her family, this room is very special to Olivia's House.

The Nailing Wall
Anger management is important as children learn about grief and loss. Our nailing wall is a useful tool that allows children to "pound out" their pain. They name their anger with each nail they pound into the wall. Once finished nailing, they must remove the nail so as to see the hole it permanently leaves, signifying the importance of channeling our anger safely.
The Young Adult Room
When we learned that college age grievers were feeling a bit left out at Olivia's House, we moved quickly to design a space just for them! This room has a peaceful, and yet mature, feel to the design. Overstuffed sofas, a big screen television and a private location at the back of the house make comfortable and useful!
The Dolphin Room
Middle school age children occupy the Dolphin Room, designed to support their need for peace and serenity amidst the chaos. The mural depicts the role a dolphin plays in rescuing a drowning person! The beautiful symbolism and deeper meaning serve this age group well.
The Elementary Play Room
Equipped with grief-related toys and games, the play room serves our youngest grievers, whether they are preschool or elementary school age, and facilitates grief-work through play.

The Teen Room
Designed to embrace the spiritual and intuitive needs of grieving teens, the Eskimo legend is a part of the décor: "Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours down to let us know they are happy!" This is the largest of all rooms and gives teens the space they need.
The Confessional at
Olivia's House

A fully equipped recording studio was designed to give all children a safe place to share their thoughts without anyone responding. The room is designed for the staff to know what is said, while giving the children permission to keep their thoughts private. "What is said in the Confessional stays in the Confessional" -unless, of course, they wish to share by giving us permission to teach others from their wisdom. Learn more about The Confessional by clicking our IN-House Productions tab!

The Multipurpose Room
A big space, this room serves Olivia's House in many ways. It functions as our "teen art area" and also as a training facility for grief workshops. We hold board meetings as well as events in this space when necessary. The furniture can easily be removed to provide a play space during programs too, should the need arise!
Giving Tree
Located in the lending library and painted by artist Bret Greiman, the Olivia's House Giving Tree demonstrates how generous our community has been to the mission of Olivia's House. Any individual or organization that makes a gift of $1,000 or more gets to select a leaf to have their name permanently displayed.